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Thank you for your interest in Romper Room Nursery School, where we have been
privileged to educate preschoolers for over 40 years.

It is with great pride that Romper Room offers your child a unique learning experience,
with a traditional program. Our CONFIDENCE-BUILDING PROGRAM is nurtured by our long
term, dedicated, certified teachers and "Our Dream is to Build Self-Esteem".

Jeanie Holland and Meg Zack are the Executive Directors and Co-founders of Romper Room
and we are renowned in the community for our academic foundation.
We continue to personally supervise both the Williston Park and Great Neck schools.
Indeed, we are privileged to have countless alumni who have selected Romper Room
to educate their children throughout this past decade.

The curriculum includes reading/writing readiness, basic science and math concepts
and other languages. In addition, we offer creative arts and crafts, music, dance and
storytime. There is emphasis on social and physical development in a warm and loving
homelike environment.

We offer a HALF DAY, FULL DAY and EXTENDED DAY programs for ages 2.6 to 5. In
addition, we have a "ROMP with MOM" program for 12 to 30 months whereby Mom, Dad or
caregiver can participate with teacher. We also have a "SEE-U-LATER" program for 2 1/2 to
3 1/2year olds where the child is separated from mom for two and a half hours.

In addition, we offer a Summer MINI-CAMP for children ages 3 1/2-6. Our unique Mid-Day Program
is from 10:00am -- 2:00pm along with our Full-Day Program from 9:00am -- 3:00pm and
Extended Day Program from 8:00am -- 6:00pm. We also have a "ROMP with MOM" program
and a "See-U-Later" program during the summer for ages 12 to 30 months.

Romper Room safely provides door-to-door transportation on our privately owned mini-
buses. For your child's protection, the buses are personally driven by our seasoned
assistants, who work in the classroom offering individualized attention.

We highly recommend a personal visit to our school with your preschooler. Sit in on our
program... meet our staff... listen to our philosophy... You'll be inspired!


SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: 10 % off for SECOND CHILD -- 20 % off for TWINS AND
TRIPLETS -- 10 % off for MILITARY

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