Toddler Development Program (18+ months)

Toddlers learn best when they're discovering their world in a safe and loving place, which promotes individual and group exploration. Activities for this age group are crafted around their limitless curiosity and the innate desire to push boundaries.

Toddlers love to master new concepts, which makes this the perfect time to build the foundation for future skills such as reading and counting. The key is to play off your child's interests by complimenting with fun activities daily. Statistics have show that early childhood education has the following benefits:

  • early learning positively affects brain structure and development
  • builds a desire to learn well past preschool age
  • head start in emotional and social development, which builds positive behavior and self-worth

Toddler Curriculum


Letter of the Month
Number of the Month
Making New Friends
Sharing and Manners
Farm Animals
Fruits and Veggies
200 Animals
Trees, Flowers, and Bugs
Ocean Animals